BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy

Aid recovery, decrease water accumulation in the legs through lymphatic drainage, making legs thinner while tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

What Is BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy?

The BOA Max 2 Device features a 24 chamber compression mechanism and is the only device in the world featuring an algorithm based on Dr. Vodder’s manual massage method. The technology behind this is 12 individual valves, which separately control each chamber and is used in various forms of treatment including:

Lipolysis & Cavitation A series of algorithms for lymphatic drainage and compression massage. Especially useful after Cryoshaping or similar cryolipolysis.

Sport Massage An algorithm producing a series of strong compression massage in combination with pulsating massage.*
Relaxation Lymphatic drainage massage used specifically for relaxation therapy, “heavy legs” syndrome, and varicose veins prophylaxis.

Slimming & Cellulite An algorithm designed for slimming therapy and anti-cellulite prophylaxis.

Lymphatic Drainage Lymphatic Drainage is consistent with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques designed by Dr. E. Vodder.

How does the BOA affect the body?

Circulatory System:

BOA peristaltic corporeal massage acts as an “external heart”. It enhances blood circulation by gently applying unidirectional peristaltic pressure on peripheral veins. Blood circulation is improved, the elimination of toxins is facilitated, and fresher oxygen reaches the cells.

Digestive System:

Because of the BOA’s specific design, it massages the abdomen as well the lower extremities, which sets it apart form most devices on the market. The result is relaxation of the abdominal muscles and at the same time healthy stimulation of the bowel movements, which in turn improves the effectiveness of poisonous content evacuation.

Lymphatic System:

BOA enhances lymphatic flow in both the peripheral and deep lymph nets. The results are an improved evaluation of metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces, which in turn has a positive effect on the immune system.


BOA massages the muscles, which clients often describe “as if you have 10 therapists working on you a the same time”. The peristaltic movement relaxes the muscle, drains it form excessive liquids that are a product muscle activity, and can calm muscle spasms.


The skin benefits from an improved low of freshly oxygenated blood to all skin layers. The skin’s elasticity is improved, and it regains a more tone and former appearance. With regular applications, cellulite may be prevented and even eliminated.

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Health Benefits of BOA Max 2 Compression Therapy

Increased Oxygen Supply

Stimulation of the venous and lymphatic flows which leads to increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs.

Improve Heart Function

Helps in the reduction of artery flow resistance which facilitates healthier heart action.

Decrease Swelling

Faster removal of metabolic products, elimination of stasis symptoms, swelling absorption.

Slimming & Weight Loss

Instant relief from embolisms and edemas. As a result lymphatic drainage detoxifies the body and helps to slimming and reduced weight.

Better Blood Circulation

Widening of blood and lymphatic vessels leading to faster and improved blood circulation throughout the body.

Reduce Cellulite

Helps avoid the development of cellulite
by stopping the accumulation of cellulite and liquid.

BOA Compression Therapy FAQs

How long is a session?

A typical session ranges from 35-60 minutes depending on the treatment.

How are BOA's different from other compression machines?

The BOA’s are the only device in the world with an algorithm based on Vodder’s manual massage method. The BOA’s are the safest and most effective lymphatic drainage therapy on the market. The BOA compression therapy is a pulsating, sequential, pressure massage with specific algorithms to target specific protocols such as lymphatic drainage, slimming and cellulite, and sports recovery.

Why is lymphatic drainage important after body shaping procedures?

After using our Cryo T-Shock body shaping services, your body must process out the contents of your fat cells through your lymphatic system. Doing regular BOA treatments along with our cryo sculpting procedures or other body shaping treatments will result in improved results.

What do I wear during my treatment?

Comfortable leggings or tights are recommended.

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